After ignoring the naysayers and quitting a high paying position, Tim Alison went on to build a massively successful business. The host and executive producer of the Screw the Naysayers podcast, Tim joins me on the show to talk about how to make the most of your knowledge and experience, as well as how to understand your strengths and revamp the way you think about making money.

Listen in as Tim shares many of his own experiences with following his passion, skill, and experience into the right opportunities. You’ll learn the power of believing in what you’re doing, how to really tap into the voice in your head to make the right decisions, and how to do business in an authentic way that uses your strengths to your advantage.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why self-employment is the best path for many people.
  • The importance of valuing and believing in what you do.
  • How to change how we view age.
  • The common purpose we all have.
  • Why you should shatter the belief that you can’t make compromises.
  • The concept of the voice and the role it has in your life.
  • How to handle income with the long term in mind.
  • The problem with desperate desperados.
  • Why it’s so important to harness your problem-solving skills.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

The struggle many of my peers and a little bit younger have is they don’t really have the awareness to see where their strengths are. - Tim Alison Click To Tweet
I believe that age and experience can be used as an asset to create employment. - Tim Alison Click To Tweet
Life is what we make it, and we can design our life if we so choose. - Tim Alison Click To Tweet

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