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We live in a world where people are struggling, scraping, grinding, worrying, over-indulging, and over-medicating. In addition to that, they’re underperforming, many lack motivation and direction, and “average” is suddenly acceptable.

The Top 1% Podcast is the antidote to mediocrity.

If you’re ready to maximize your performance in all aspects of life, become a world-class leader, achieve success so that you can build enough resources to serve others, be happy and fulfilled, and live for something larger than yourself, you’re in the right place!

Our Creator has given us each more brain power than we could exhaust in 100 lifetimes, and it is our calling to develop that potential to its maximum capacity in order to serve others while we’re blessed to be alive. Welcome to our community!

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Seth Godin Redefines the Top 1%
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Feb 02
The One Thing | Jay Papasan
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Nov 11
Ep #70: John Lee Dumas | Mentorship and Entrepreneurship
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If we prioritize everything, then nothing becomes a priority

Marcus Aurelius Anderson

In the end, it has nothing to do with me, but it has everything to do with making a difference in other people’s lives.

Tima Elhajj

We don’t have a knowledge gap. What we have is a gap in our understanding of why we don’t do things we know we should do.

Nir Eyal

If we can actually know what our strengths are, and really dive into flow a little bit more, then we will get a lot more done in the time that we have.

Jaime Masters

The bigger your character gets, the more success you can handle.

Chris Widener

While I think it’s great that we don’t have children go hungry anymore, that hunger {I experienced} definitely shaped the drive in me.

JT McCormick

The word ‘service’ is synonymous – to me – with leadership.

Anton Gunn

What if God and the universe granted every wish in the world, but we didn’t like the packaging, so we sent it away?

Greg S. Reid

There’s a human 1.0 default setting out there. It’s scarcity; it’s violence; it’s bullying; it’s being unconscious of your health or being unconscious of your money.

Mark Metry

I don’t actually think you make millions and millions of dollars by following rules. I think you gotta create your own.


Don’t make a Living, Design a Life

Jordan Paris

What they tell you you can’t do may be the thing you’re destined to do.

Dr. John Demartini

I’ve gotta keep working on me, because the moment I become content, how can I possibly serve or help anybody else?

Ben Newman

How can you possibly live in your ten-year vision if you’re waiting ten years from now to get to a space to start embodying that identity?

Joel Brown

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Imagine that you are a successful three-sport athlete in high school, graduating high school near the top of your class, going on to earn a 3.98 GPA at a prestigious university. Sounds perfect, right?

Now imagine,  being relatively miserable through it all, routinely waking up in the morning sick to your stomach with anxiety and self-doubt.  You have this inner chaos and turmoil that you don’t quite understand and certainly aren’t equipped to deal with.  Broken relationships.Weight gain. Overindulging in alcohol to numb your emotions.  Waking up every morning dreading the day.

Paralyzed by Failure.  

I don’t have to imagine what the scenario above felt like. It was me. 

If any of this feels familiar to you, don’t put off getting support and achieving breakthrough for 7+ years, like I did.  Instead, sign up for my Free Video Course, “The Secret to Unleashing Your Top 1%” and  begin the journey towards personal growth, optimization, and fulfillment.