The Top 1%: The Evidence Based Path to Leadership and High-Performance Success

In the 5 Modules of specially curated content

You will experience:

  • immediate spiritual growth
  • extreme drive and focus
  • a deep sense of meaning and contribution to the world
  • deeper relationships
  • inner peace
  • increased income
  • Implementation exercises
  • access to an exclusive Facebook group
  • the opportunity to apply to be a guest on The Top 1% Podcast

Best of all, you will gain a clear sense of ownership of the trajectory of your life, and you will become aware of your Limitless potential for Exponential Growth and Achievement.

The results and positive outcomes that emerge when you implement this process are both Specific and Guaranteed.

Invite Trevor to Speak

Dr. Trevor Blattner

With over 20 years of research in the field, Trevor is an expert at the tactics of next level success and has used them to found and grow his own 7-figure business.

Audiences will receive plenty of insight and strategy to set them on the trajectory for breakthrough long after the event ends.


Trevor is a powerful leader, speaker, and podcaster. I’ve seen theimpact he makes on professionals and early-stage entrepreneurs.He’s a true mentor who offers actionable guidance AND truewisdom. Thanks for being such an example, Trevor!

Ben Gioia

Dr. Blattner is a dynamic individual and professional. He’s a high-achiever driven to help others grow in their respective fields. Asharp thinker. And yet genuine in his desire to see others succeed.

Lucas Presson

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We live in a world where people are struggling, scraping, grinding, worrying, over-indulging, and over-medicating. In addition to that, they’re underperforming, many lack motivation and direction, and “average” is suddenly acceptable.

The Top 1% Podcast is the antidote to mediocrity.

If you’re ready to maximize your performance in all aspects of life, become a world-class leader, achieve success so that you can build enough resources to serve others, be happy and fulfilled, and live for something larger than yourself, you’re in the right place!

Our Creator has given us each more brain power than we could exhaust in 100 lifetimes, and it is our calling to develop that potential to its maximum capacity in order to serve others while we’re blessed to be alive. Welcome to our community!

Let's unleash your top 1%

Imagine that you are a successful three-sport athlete in high school, graduating high school near the top of your class, going on to earn a 3.98 GPA at a prestigious university. Sounds perfect, right?

Now imagine,  being relatively miserable through it all, routinely waking up in the morning sick to your stomach with anxiety and self-doubt.  You have this inner chaos and turmoil that you don’t quite understand and certainly aren’t equipped to deal with.  Broken relationships.Weight gain. Overindulging in alcohol to numb your emotions.  Waking up every morning dreading the day.

Paralyzed by Failure.  

I don’t have to imagine what the scenario above felt like. It was me. 

If any of this feels familiar to you, don’t put off getting support and achieving breakthrough for 7+ years, like I did.  Instead, sign up for my Free Video Course, “3 The Secret to Unleashing Your Top 1%”” and  begin the journey towards personal growth, optimization, and fulfillment.